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Chartist Novels

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Though it is safe to say that the novel form was not as central to Chartists as it was to contemporary middle-class writers, Chartists produced a number of important novels and the reproduction in the Chartist press of novels by Dickens or Charles Lever, for example, testifies to the popularity of the form with readers. A number of the short stories in papers such as Chartist Circular might be considered novellas and serialization was a common practice, just as it was with non-Chartist fiction.  Chartists Such as Reynolds and Jones also wrote novels that have nothing or little to do with republicanism or democratic reform; we have limited our list of Chartist novels to those written by avowed Chartists and that either directly represent Chartism or where the values or difficulties of the Chartist cause are made clear.

Novels by non-Chartists about Chartism

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Chartism is represented in a number of important “industrial” or “Condition of England” novels from the 1840s and 50s, what Chris Vanden Bossche neatly rebrands as “political novels.” Allusions to Chartism in the literature of the 1840s and 50s are not uncommon; the following list includes novels with sustained representations of Chartism, though a number of the titles only represent it indirectly, or are frequently thought to represent it indirectly.