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History of Chartism

Chartist Ancestors

Chartist Ancestors hosts source material about the Chartists, Chartist events and gatherings, the Chartist petitions, and other useful information. It also includes a database of more than 14,000 names with brief biographical information about select Chartists.

Chartism & The Chartists

This site from Stephen Roberts provides "musings, information & illustrations" about the Chartists. It features a wide array of material, including a recording of "The Chartist Mother's Song," images of Chartist memorials, and a guide on Chartist reading material.

Protest and the Politics of Space

This website accompanies Katrina Navickas's book Protest and the Politics of Space and Place, 1789-1848. Embedded in several pages are interactive maps that display the location of such events as the Swing Riots and Chartist meetings. 

Minor Victorian Poets and Authors

This database is dedicated to Chartist Gerald Massey, and "comparable poets and authors of his era, a number of whom by their protests were to influence social reform in Victorian Britain." It collects biographies, poetry, and letters, of figures such Thomas Cooper, Ebenezer Elliott, and more. See in particular the extensive pages on Ernest Jones.

The National Chartist Hymn Book

The National Chartist Hymn book contains 16 hymns printed for the National Chartist Association. At least two were written by John Henry Bramwich, who also wrote for the Northern Star.

People's Collection Wales

This site offers extensive material on Welsh Chartism, including material related to the 1839 Newport rising and the trials that followed. Also of interest are copies of the Western Vindicator and the National Vindicator.

Nineteenth-Century Fiction

Price One Penny

This database catalogues early Victorian penny fiction, novels published "either in penny periodicals of varying sizes or in weekly autonomous penny numbers, usually comprising eight pages with a woodcut on the first."

At the Circulating Library: A Database of Victorian Fiction, 1837-1901

A popular business venture in the nineteenth century, circulating libraries lent books to subscribers for a fee. This database of nineteenth-century British fiction contains 16,000+ entries. 

Reading Like A Victorian

This site allows users to read "serial installments of Victorian novels alongside installments of other novels that were appearing in the same 'serial moment,' or month and year."

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